About Me

I’m a 40-year-old single mom of three beautiful young women (One is a tween). No, I’ve never been married, and I’m “Honestly Speaking” that I wouldn’t have it any other way. I raised my daughters to be empathetic, caring young women, yet strong, and know how to work and do things on their own for the most part. We have a wonderful, open and honest relationship and we respect each other.  I’ve actually had more than one other parent tell me that “They hope they can have as close of a relationship with their daughters, as I do with mine.” As many times as I tell myself “I’m a failure as a parent”? Others tell me I’ve raised wonderful children, and I see how well they’re doing IN LIFE. How they treat other people, how they stand up for what they believe in. I remind myself that I helped them learn these things.

Just another abused, lost and damaged person trying to tell their story. I was quiet for way too long. I have 1 voice and 1 life, and I must talk to anyone who will listen. I will share my story and raise awareness about abuse of all kinds, chronic illnesses, “Invisible Illnesses, Mental Illness and of course complex trauma/ptsd

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